That didn’t take long

August 31, 2007

Three theoretical discussions of the Z(4430) state have shown up on hep-ph in the last couple of days:

  • Rosner suggests it’s a rescattering effect in threshold production of D*(2010) D1(2420);
  • Maiani, Polosa, and Riquer suggest it’s a true tetraquark state, the first radial excitation of the X(3872)/X(3876);
  • Meng and Chao suggest it’s an actual resonance in D*(2010) D1(2420).

Belle claims to see a “Z(4430)” as a π±ψ’ structure in BKπ±ψ’ decays. This joins the X(3872), Y(3940), Y(4260), Y(4350), and Y(4660) in the zoo of incomprehensible things above DD threshold that decay to charmonia. Unlike the other objects, this one is charged, which means it can’t be a hybrid or conventional charmonium state.

At the start of the week, we had a little conference of our own, which went very well, and hopefully this weekend I’ll put up a post on how CLEO sort-of-but-not-really measured the D0 mixing parameter y. But first this: the Cornell Cinema early fall calendar is up. Highlights: