Gone West

November 3, 2006

For reasons which will be made clear later, I have been staying in a Japanese tourist trap (aka Waikiki, HI) for the last few days. It is, to quote a Chicago grad student, “the Magnificent Mile of Hawaii,” only more so.

It’s been quite pleasant; the rain (and subsequent flash flood watches) has come and gone, the temperature is twice as large in Fahrenheit as it is in Ithaca, I have eaten a loco moco, etc.

Directions in Hawaii are a little disconcerting to tourists, as in “go straight on Kalakaua, keep right at Kuhio, turn left on Paoakalani, if you’ve reached Kapahulu you’ve gone too far” (in search of a noodle shop which was eventually not found). It’s possible to do pretty well by looking up bus routes and blindly trusting in the recorded announcements, though.