OK, this is just getting ridiculous

August 16, 2007

Belle claims to see a “Z(4430)” as a π±ψ’ structure in BKπ±ψ’ decays. This joins the X(3872), Y(3940), Y(4260), Y(4350), and Y(4660) in the zoo of incomprehensible things above DD threshold that decay to charmonia. Unlike the other objects, this one is charged, which means it can’t be a hybrid or conventional charmonium state.


4 Responses to “OK, this is just getting ridiculous”

  1. Alejandro Rivero Says:

    so, any conjecture about what it is?

  2. superweak Says:

    I think the standard answer would be a four-quark state, which can have charge, isospin, strangeness, and so on. I don’t know if anyone who’s advocated multiquark explanations for the previous states wanted a state at this mass though.

  3. Walter Toki Says:

    If the Belle state, Z(4430)-> psiprime pi+,
    is correct, then this is the smoking gun
    evidence of an exotic (a charged charmonium
    resonance) state that cannot come from a
    conventional qqbar meson. This could be the most
    important discovery since the J/psi which led to the discovery of charmonium and charmed states.
    A possible explanation for the Z(4430) is a four quark state. New families of four quark states might be discovered in the near future. If this is wrong it might turn into another Pentaquark saga.

  4. […] 31st, 2007 Three theoretical discussions of the Z(4430) state have shown up on hep-ph in the last couple of […]

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