A Friendly Reminder…

September 9, 2008

We will not all die tomorrow!

Your friendly local Geneva morning paper wishes to reassure you that CERN will not kill you on Wednesday.  At any rate, we wouldn’t be making black holes tomorrow; there will be no colliding beams, and the beam energies will be below the Tevatron’s.  So when the end (doesn’t) come, it will most likely be on a totally unheralded day in October.

3 Responses to “A Friendly Reminder…”

  1. Laura Says:

    So Charm &c is now “fun from some CERN building”?

    I don’t really understand why the first circulating beam is what the world has decided to get really excited about. It is exciting, but aren’t the first collisions at energies that have never been made before more the sort of thing to throw pajama parties over?

  2. Matt R. Says:

    Yeah, I’m thinking “one beam circulating” is not worth being awake at 3 AM for.

  3. superweak Says:

    Ah, but notice that everyone who’s not in a cave knows about the LHC now? CERN does its PR much, much better than any of the US HEP labs. This is an *event* which could be scheduled reasonably far in advance. Collisions at 10 TeV are much harder to anticipate.

    At any rate it will be the first time beam goes through ATLAS, so it’s exciting for the detector experts – they’ll have beam-gas events and halo muons to work with, not just cosmic rays.

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