The original incarnation of the CLEO detector first started looking at the products of e+ e collisions in 1979; the latest (and last) version, CLEO-c, recorded its last event at 8 am Eastern today – an electron and a positron bouncing off each other. Along the way, 450 papers have been published on CLEO data. We had a little celebration in the counting room as the last run, 234607, ended:

Last CLEO run

There’s still a lot of work to do – we need to decommission CLEO and reconstruct and analyze the last data!


Hit-and-run II

May 11, 2006

I miss Suck. The back issues give me nostalgia for when the world (or at least I) was young (-er, the back half of the 90s). The dot-com bubble was inflating (with many e-foldings left to go), Netscape 3.01 Gold was the in thing, people believed that you could make webpage communities, OS/2 was still a viable operating system choice, and the grand spirit of Clintonian optimism roamed the land. Computer geeks were going to inherit the earth, and I expected to do CS when I got to college. Good times.

(Here’s some particularly inspired Suckiness… at least if you are a fan of Yes and Shakespeare.)