Le PDG nouveau est arrivé

July 19, 2006

The 2006 edition of that standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom*, the Particle Data Group’s Review of Particle Physics, has gone live. I’ve even helped contribute to a small corner of fit space (in the form of HE 05). There is a new feature, the oddly-named pdgLive, which puts the data in HTML format, with lots of hyperlink goodness to clarify just what numbers go into the fits and point you at the papers’ SPIRES references.

* I’m not joking. Experimental particle physicists hold the PDG, as it’s called, in such high esteem that some people have set up a Flickr photo pool in honor of it.


2 Responses to “Le PDG nouveau est arrivé”

  1. nitin Says:

    Err.. it should be “Le nouveau PDG est arrivé”, not “Le PDG nouveau est arrivé”, which is not proper French.

  2. superweak Says:

    Bien sur. And yet, somehow, we muddle through…

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